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13 June 2008 @ 04:08 am
Video post  
Hey everybody =D just thought id share some videos i made recently there is 3 so YAY lol
okay the last two are sort of done in a trailer type fashion (just thought id warn)

Song: Miracle
Artsit: Celine Dion
Summary: A video i made about Mariska and august because he's just too (ten o's) cute and so is Mariska when she is with him ♥ Comments are very loved xox

Song: Requiem for a dream
Artist: Mozart?
Summary: just a quick lil trailer type vid i did for undercover coz its too epic not to lol

Song: Aqua Vitae
Artist: NO IDEA WHO! lol
Summary: another quick trailer type thingy for fault this time coz now im addicted

Enjoy lol